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Why another internet service
provider in our area?
Why Sago Internet?

As so many millions of people, families and businesses in rural and small town USA, the founders of Sago Internet were frustrated by slow, intermittent and unreliable service from any of the vendors we tried.  And we tried them all - phone, cable, satellite, data plans, wireless providers - and none supplied even a reasonable level of service, much less the level of service urban Americans are afforded.

So we began exploring our options, and the one that was most appealing is the Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).  By starting our own WISP, we are able to make our own decisions of what REAL speeds can be provided, who we can reach, and at what reasonable costs.

Sago Internet has therefore been borne of necessity - the necessity to obtain reliable, quick internet and share that with our neighbors and friends, our clients.  We will be providing wireless internet to La Coste and the surrounding Medina Valley area, everywhere our system can see an antenna at your location.  We look forward to working with you and affording you quality internet services.

Rodney Hitzfelder

President, Sago Internet

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